Ekta White Paper
Token Allocation
Total Tokens ($EKTA): 210,000,000 Supply (Max)
Allocation Type
Token Amount
Team and Advisor
4,200,000 (2.00%)
3,150,000 (1.50%)
3,150,000 (1.50%)
Token Sale
21,000,000 (10.00%)
All the remaining $EKTA will be mined out by staking $EKTA.
  • Team and Advisors. These tokens are allocated to founding and non-founding members of Ekta.
  • Reserve. These tokens will be used for the long term development of Ekta Eco-system.
  • Foundation. These tokens will be used for social benefit such as donations to public interest organizations or non-profit organizations
  • Token sale. These tokens are reserved for sale.
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