The startup ecosystem
Ekta aims to create a world where every-day people have better access to capital, reducing the wealth gap and changing the lives of millions. Retail investors are often risk-averse and approach new ventures with caution. In order to effectively connect global retailers with venture capital, it’s essential to develop a low-risk participation framework. This is where Ekta’s startup incubator shines. The platform is designed for retail venture investing in equity and becoming token holders. By providing everyday people with the opportunity to safely grow their own capital, it not only equips them with the necessary tools to improve their quality of life, but also introduces new resources and funds that will help drive innovation.

How it is different

Unlike the majority of startup investment platforms that target venture funding, Ekta’s startup incubator does more than simply connect retail ventures with startups in need of capital. With Ekta, all entrepreneurs have access to a physical incubator that facilitates the development of each project, guiding them through the complexities of early-stage development. By introducing this incubator into the development process, we’re able to both mitigate risks as well as simplify the process, ensuring retail investors can participate safely and hassle-free.
With the rise of a powerful private sector, countries like China and India experienced exponential economic growth, making theirs the fastest growing economies in the world.
Southeast Asia is seeing similar trends and it is widely believed that this region will be the next to experience runaway success. It’s estimated that the number of Series ‘A’ investments in the region will double in 2022. However, retail accounts for less than 1% of the venture capital market despite the fact that early-stage investment is one of the leading wealth generators. Currently, most companies are unable to go public until peak value has been achieved, while growth prospects dwindle once these companies are listed on the market.
This is where Ekta has the potential to disrupt and remake venture capital trends. With Ekta, retail investors will have more power, speeding up the investment processes and amplifying the number of projects in need of funding. More retail investors can participate in fundraising thanks to the affordable and secure nature of these investments.
Ekta aims to develop and support startups focused on sustainable businesses within the following industries:
  • Green Technology,
  • Next Generation AI,
  • Blockchain,
  • Internet of Things,
  • Artificial Intelligence of Things,
  • Renewable Energy,
  • Sustainable Lifestyle Consumer Goods and Services.

How it works

Not only does the Ekta startup ecosystem provide an incubation space and funding to homegrown startups, but it also spearheads fair and transparent investment opportunities for institutions and the public through blockchain. With Ekta, startups gain access to funds from venture capital in three simple steps, bringing them closer to the realization of their initiatives.
  1. 1.
    Sees investors and the public select the venture capital (VCs) of their choice,
  2. 2.
    Once selected, the VCs will receive applications from the startups for funding,
  3. 3.
    Finally, the startups receive funding from the VCs.
Participating VCs will be selected by Ekta governance and required to stake in $EKTA in order to participate, with staking criteria being periodically reviewed. All projects within the startup ecosystem are regulated through blockchain smart contracts, ensuring autonomy and eliminating the risk of third-party manipulation. In all situations where governance is required, either the VCs or the public will vote to establish a consensus of key factors. Ekta’s startup incubator platform is built to facilitate the entire process with full transparency, from ideation to realization and beyond.

Entrepreneur crowdfunding

Providing entrepreneurs with the means to start developing their projects is an essential aspect of the Ekta ecosystem. The Ekta entrepreneur crowdfunding platform is there to help entrepreneurs move their projects forward and all aspiring entrepreneurs can create their own personal entrepreneur credit. This allows them to receive funding through Ekta, either from their own personal communities or from the larger Ekta community. These entrepreneurs will also have access to Ekta’s renowned VCs who can guide and advise them on their financial decisions.
Once an entrepreneur has developed and published their ideas, the funder’s investment may grow in value. As the community of entrepreneurs creates more value, the larger Ekta ecosystem grows too.
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